Marcus Clarke Puppeteer PortraitCreature Effects and Visual Effects Puppeteer Coordinator and Consultant Marcus Clarke.
Practical Effects, Practical Solutions.

Practical Set and Prop Design solutions.
Marcus originally went to Art School to become a Set Designer after leaving an Electrical Engineering Apprenticeship.
He designed the Horizontal Louvre set up of the Dappledown Farm Duck Pond and many other Set features to enable Puppeteers to work without being seen. He also co-designed the Puppets including their animatronics.

Marcus also Designed the understructure of the famous Bookaboo Sofa. So that it could come apart while being Practical, to facilitate multiple Camera Angles and Set Ups. Enabling the Puppeteer to achieve all the necessary Shots.

Figuring out how to achieve a Shot from a Puppet, Prop, Puppeteer and Set standpoint requires a large Toolbox, Imagination, Communication and an otherwise wide Skillset.
Having a background in Engineering, Art and Performance helps. From Creating special Rigs in the Workshop to devising individual on Set Special Set Ups to employing the simplest of workarounds.

                  Green Screen ShootGreen Screen and Bunraku
Marcus has been involved in many Green Screen Productions, Shots. He also devised and made all of the Sets, Props and Rigs for Action Annie Superhero.

Body Costume

Body Costume work is hard work as Marcus knows from his days as a body performer (see right). The main consideration has to be the person inside. Having made Costume characters he knows that the design and construction working on Camera is of course the whole point of it all. So it's important from the outset to work with the Costume Designer and Builder to ensure that isn't compromised.

As with Puppeteering, controls and ergonomics vary and sometimes need to be learned.
Many Puppets and Creature Effects use tried and trusted methodology but many break new ground too. Also some performers have experience in one area but not another.

Marcus has the CTLLS CET Level 4 Teaching Qualification from Warwick University which means that he is a qualified and knowledgeable Trainer and Instructor.

Puppeteering and Body Performing Teams and Casting.
Marcus has been working in large Puppeteering teams since he worked on The Little Shop of Horrors Film in 1984 at Pinewood Studio's.
Recently he has had the opportunity to work with almost every Puppeteer and Body Performer for Film and Television in the UK. Marcus has also worked with many based in the USA.
Marcus began holding auditions while a Stage Manager for Andrew LLoyd Webber in the 1980's and is very familiar with planning and organising an effective audition with good strategies for assessing Puppeteering and vocal ability.
Having the above Teaching qualification means that he is DBS Registered and trained in assessing learning difficulties, working within professional boundaries and with vulnerable adults.