Information on the sculpture, Reliquario Di Pinocchio.

It was a cold late October evening and I had fallen asleep on the sofa. I was woken by a knocking on the front door. It unsettled me as we have a door bell. I opened the door and looked down onto the top of a black three cornered Hat. It was hovering at my waist. Suddenly it rose up and into my face revealing the tall thin man beneath it. I stepped back to take in his full figure. All in black he looked like a Highwayman. Still, stoic and imposing he stood there a moment in silence. Then he slowly lowered the thin grey silk scarf from his mouth. Is it Halloween I thought? He had long thin eyes and a pale, gaunt face. He fixed my gaze and in a deep heavily accented voice he said, "good evening, this is the Reliquario di Pinocchio. It contains a fragment of the true nose of Pinocchio. It is a bequest from the Count Innino Naso to you. Because of your faith." He thrust it into my arms and its black velvet cover immediately fell away. I stared in amazement at it. When I looked up the man was gone.