Information about Native Marcus Clarke - Self Portrait.

Looking at the resulting self-portrait Photograph. A fair few ideas came through my head for Puppetising it on Canvas. They largely revolved around me drawing a very large Dali style Mustache on my face. Bit Dada and obvious I thought. In my local Oxfam Charity Shop I found two Tortoise and Rabbit Toys. I thought them emblematic and appropriate to add to my picture. My Creative life has been more of a Tortoise like test of endurance than anything else. With the occasional spurt of Hare like progress. At this point I was reminded that the British Comedian Hancock had said “endurance is more important than talent”. Adding these Toys to my self portrait alone seemed a bit worthy and un-anarchic though. So I contemplated what it was I was trying to achieve with this Puppetised ‘Self Portrait’. (Always a good idea.) An emotive image yes. What else? Self-expression and? Credibility. That’s what I seek the most at the moment. I want the Art of Puppetry and indeed my own Contemporary Artwork to be taken seriously. Hilarious! What could be funnier and better then, than for me to present myself as a Clown? I thought of putting myself in a Fez. But Tommy Cooper is an iconic British Comedian with real credibility and status. Could be ironic? Nah. Then I remembered that with my Teenage blond Curly Hair people had once compared me with Harpo Marx. Perfect! I found some Curly Wool in a Box that I had dyed bright Yellow and bought an Air Horn to add to my Picture. I needed something to foreshorten and funny up my legs? Something appropriate on my feet? I found some Small Spat like shoes in a prop Box in the attic. Great!                                                                        

Something though was still missing? My wife and creative partner Helena of course! Helena comes from Lyme Regis which as it happened we were about to visit at the time of me creating this work.  I found a small Native North American Doll in a Lyme Charity Shop. This represents Helena perfectly. For lots of reasons. Also Native American Girls have always been iconic and special to me. I lived with a Native family as a small child in Canada. No self portrait of me would be complete without Helena and here she is represented perfectly. ‘Native Marcus Clarke’ by  Marcus Clarke