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Pet Portraits, artworks and memorials made to order.


I create modern day Keepsakes, Mementos, Memorials, Souvenirs and Objet D'art that draw on the art of Medieval Reliquary. My work speaks with two voices, an adults and a child's. I create these works using a process I call New Art Enshrinement and in doing so I am creating Treasure. An Artwork to Treasure. My exhibition and works for sale have titles like Treasure of the Seaside, Treasure of Cats and Dogs. I also create individual artworks for people on a bespoke basis. I'm particularly interested in creating Pet Keepsakes for owners. I would need at least one photo of your Pet. Something Treasured by your Pet, like a Toy or part of a blanket. The finished work will be yours.
Completed works will be secure mailed.

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"Artist Marcus Clarke's is taking a small number of commissions to create works of art as Keepsakes, Objet D'art and Mementos of owners Treasured, loved Pets".

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These works are New Art Enshrinement Collages. They are Vacuum Sealed together ready to hang on the wall.

Treasure of Cats
Objet d'Art #60#61

Cats in MemorialTreasure of
                      Cats Artwork
                      of KittensTreasure of
                      Kittens Artwork
Examples here use Old Victorian Scrap Pictures, Gemstones, Antique Jewelry and Found Objects. Vacuum Sealed together.
Treasure of Dogs
Objet d'Art #57#58