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The Puppetised Jacket. Art with attitude. A little bit of cheek.
Created by Marcus Clarke from pre-loved DJ's.
Cherished Jackets Puppetised, turned into works of Art.

Puppetised Jacket_AwardPuppetised
              Jacket Award 2Puppetised
              Jacket Award 3Puppetised
              Jacket Award 5Puppetised
              Jacket Award 6Puppetised Jacket
              Award 8

This is the Puppetised Jacket I wore to the 2011 BAFTA's.

How did this Jacket come about?  

In 2009 I was involved in a BAFTA nomination and invited to attend. I wondered what to wear. I did some research and decided I liked Rutger Hauer and Mickey Rourke's DJ's. Bit different. But I couldn't afford anything like them or get a Fashion designer like Paul Smith interested in supplying me with something.
So I went that year in a Ted Baker drape coat that I had recently bought for my sister in law's wedding. pictured right.
(My Sister in law Kat Smee is famously Yoda's right hand.)
In 2011 I was again involved in BAFTA nominations and invited to attend. What to wear? A boring old DJ just wasn't for me and frankly, what was on offer from Designers was a bit dull, grey and boring. So I decided to 'Puppetise an old DJ'. Puppetise it up, make it interesting and wear that. I really liked it. So did lots of other people and it got me and my Jackets lots of interest. That's what I went in and that's what I'm wearing above. We won the BAFTA too.

The 4 Puppetised Jackets Project.
The project was for me to create 4 Puppetised Jackets and engage the Nottingham Public and Arts Sector in a conversation about Art and Puppetry.

This is Puppetised Jacket 1. Title  The Cockscomb.

I designed and made this Jacket totally on my own and to begin the project and the conversation and engagement from my own creative standpoint. It has a reversable and removable front piece. I am wearing it here to introduce a Film I had just made for the BAFTA website. 'A Puppetry for the Screen Masterclass'.
Below I am wearing it to engage the arts sector in a conversation about the design of it and to get input for my next Puppetised Jacket.

At the Nottingham Contemporary Thomas Demand Preview being interviewed for Creative Nottingham by Susi O'Neil ( to see Film click ) who like many other attendee's gave me their thoughts on the Puppetised Jacket 1 that I am here wearing here. Giving me ideas for my next puppetised Jacket.
Puppetised Jacket 2 below.
I did likewise engagements at the Surface Gallery etc.
Right. With an NTU Art Student gaining input. Click the picture to see the Film of it.

This is Puppetised Jacket 2. Title  The Bear.

At the Surface Gallery Nottingham in Puppetised
                Jacket 2
NTU Art Students (first right) helping me design it by giving me input and criticism of Puppetised Jacket 1.

Backstage Muppet Gala Montreal
Backstage at the Muppets Gala.
Just for Laughs Festival.
Montreal 2012
Rob Mills Puppeteer
I asked Jane if she had seen your jacket - she said: "Yes. We should all be doing that." (Jane Gootnick Master Muppet Wrangler)

This is Puppetised Jacket 3.
Title  Ichthyosaur.
I designed and made this Jacket using totally my own ideas of what I thought might appeal to the general Public. I then went out on the Streets wearing it, asking the General Public what they thought of it and as to how it could be improved?

This is what came out of that engagement and conversation.

At the Nottingham
                  contemporary in Puppetised Jacket 4This is Puppetised Jacket 4. 
Title  The Temple.

Nottingham contemporary in Puppetised Jacket 4Right This Lady in this conversation helped me design this Puppetised Jacket 4. (click the picture right to see the film)

Left Me at the Nottingham Contemporary explaining Puppetised Jacket 4. (click the picture left to see the film)

At the
              Nottingham Contemporary talking to Gallery assistant

Right Me at the Nottingham Contemporary chatting with the Gallery assistant about Puppetisation.

(click the picture right to see the film)

4 Puppetised Jackets Exhibition on the 18th 19th 20th May 2012
held on a Stand in the Broabmarsh Centre Nottingham

Lots of engagement and positive feedback about the Puppetised Jackets, Puppets and Puppetry Arts.
All respondents thought puppetry was a valuable artform that should be taught in Schools.
10,000 visitors a day passed within Metres of my Exhibition with most clearly seeing some of it.
That's 30,000 viewers in 3 days.

See Film of the Exhibition here (coming soon)