Puppetry Arts and Education Workshops and Talks
Puppet Making Workshops for Schools and Events. Available UK wide. We come to you with everything supplied for an all inclusive fee. Variety of other Creature Puppet Making Workshops available 2022 include Minibeasts, Bees, Bugs. Bespoke Puppet designs and workshops can be created for individual Schools and Schemes of Work.


Introduction Video

Caveman and
                                                      Dinasaur School

I’m currently offering new for 2021 Puppet Making Workshops Pop Up style Puppets as Dragons which can be linked to wider school projects ‘Tell me a Dragon’ book for example. Dinosaurs (Science/Biology) and Cave Men (Stone Age) general curriculum links include D&T: Combining Materials. Wood, Plastic, Fabric, Textiles.

Puppets are constructed using simple child friendly Puppet Making materials. Wooden spatulas, faux-fur, rags, wool, googly and toy eyes, foam sheets, pipe cleaners. Tools include templates, scissors, (including left handed) Pencils and PVA glue. In one section a Hot Glue Gun and Mini Drill used by Myself or a Teacher for x1 assembly/version but not essential.

Workshops can incorporate/link to whole school activities, targets other ideas and might build to creating an all school participating Reception piece.

The Workshops are over resourced with a wide range of Materials and I bring all the Tools required.
Impacts overall School Standards.


A daily all inclusive price of £560


Children participating with each creating their own Puppet. A School Year in the morning, x2 Classes =60 pupils. Same in the afternoon (older years usually) equaling 120 pupils a day Workshop total which is PP £4.66.

                                                        Puppet Making

New for 2021 Punky PopUpPuppet Dragon Selection above and how we make an Aztec Blue one below.

How to make
                                                        an Aztec Blue
                                                        Dragon Puppet.

All new for 2021 Dino and the Caveman -  Punky Pop up Workshop

Tango Dinosaur Puppet
All Puppet Making DT School Workshop. Click the picture right or left to see the 'how we make' a video of each.
Workshops Delivered by Professional Puppet Maker, Puppeteer Marcus Clarke FRSA DBS CET Teaching Qualification.
Puppet Making KS1Puppet Making un
                                              School Year5
School Puppetry KS2
                                              Year 6School Puppet Making
At Events
Puppet Making at The Green Man Festival Wales.
Puppets that can be made in Tents 2018 and 2021.

Sock Puppet
Sock Puppet Workshops Page please click picture

Dreaming with Roo. Children's Theatre Show. Currently in development.
Dreaming with Roo
                                                Theatre Show Cast
Puppetry Lectures and Talks.
Marcus Clarke
                                              Puppetry for the Screen
                                              Masterclass DFFAt Film Festivals.
At the QUAD, Derby Film Festival  2014 delivering a Puppetry for the Screen Masterclass. Introducing Little Shop of Horrors and catching up with The Storyteller, Actor Sir John Hurt.
Have you ever wondered how to bring Puppets to life?
Click the above picture to see a Puppetry for the Screen Masterclass.
Made for the Kids BAFTA website.

Universities, Colleges, Schools, Youth Groups and Festivals.
Demonstrating various Puppets and configurations with TV and Film clips.
Visiting Lecturer Script
KS2 to MA in English, Animation, Performing Arts, Fashion, Art and Design. Film and Media Studies.
Duration's from 30 minutes to 1 hr 40 minutes. More

Advanced Puppeteering Training Workshops
For Practitioners using either our Puppets or their own.

Adult TV Puppetry Workshops since 1993

Our TV Puppetry Workshops and Talks advance the understanding of the Art of Puppetry.

Previously available Puppet Making Workshops include Ocean Life and other Art and Craft Workshops which have pages created for them with some useful info and resources.

Ocean Life
Doghorse Coat
RSM Sheringham


Other information.


Myleene Klass worked with Marcus as a Guest on Series II of Citv's Bookaboo
"I have never actually seen how puppetry is carried out for 'on 
screen', its unreal. The puppeteer literally has to be a 
contortionist, a mind reader and have a good sense of timing (lying 
on the floor looking at a screen/monitor whilst reading scripts, 
improvising and coordinating himself and the puppet is no mean feat.) 
Really enjoyed it."
Thank you Myleene Klass

2021 King Edward Primary Mansfield

Thank you so much for everything - this week has been brilliant. I've had so many comments from teachers saying how much the children have enjoyed it. It was a fab way to kick off the new year and we really appreciate all of your hard work to put it together.
2020 The Children were engrossed. Pitched well and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Great resources and materials. You've inspired the whole year and taught us so much. Thank you! Year 6 Teachers.

2019 St. Mary's C Of E (VA) Primary School Kettering.
Our Children have never been so inspired or engaged by a workshop! Thanks Marcus for an incredible experience! The puppets made were awesome and the skills and facts they learned - amazing! Thanks Again! Steven Middleton. (Year 1 teacher).

2019 Upton House School, Windsor.
Thank you for inspiring all the Children. They have loved it, so lucky to have worked with you, Kate Newcombe, Deputy Head.
Thank you for an amazing and extraordinary few days. So much expertise, so much happy learning and so much fun! You have been wonderful with our children. Thank you. Honey Dearsley, Head of Art.

2018 HMP Springhill Comments from the men about the project: Courtesy of Kestrel Theatre
Having the puppet there put me at my ease, it bought comedy to the whole thing, and made it all feel very normal. I loved the way the puppet cuddled up to us all, it showed that we can all do with a cuddle. Stephen
You did a great job putting us at ease and getting the best out of us all. Marcus was brilliant, and his knowledge and enthusiasm for the puppet world I found inspirational. Thank you for helping me give this fantastic gift to my 3 little monkeys at home. Martin
I thought working with puppets would be easy, you’d just stick your hand up them and away you’d go. But it was a lot more challenging than I thought. Faz

Haydn Primary School Nottingham.
Long term collaborator, Teacher Mary Chambers of Haydn Primary writes.
We (governors and staff) are committed to developing a learning environment where everyone can create, experiment, invent, perform, think, explore and investigate for themselves. We work hard to ensure children receive their entitlement to a range of high quality experiences in all arts subjects. We believe a rich, diverse and creative curriculum can help raise attainment and accelerate learning by boosting a child’s confidence and self-esteem. Our mission statement says that success is celebrated when children are encouraged to explore opportunities creatively.
Staff actively seek to work with professional artists and arts organisations through visits, workshops and performances in school. Working with professionals eg visual artists, film makers, actors, musicians and dancers, has further convinced us that there is no better way for the children and staff to achieve real learning experiences than alongside enthusiastic experts. Specialists inspire and motivate both the children and adults to learn and celebrate newly learnt skills and discover talents; we embrace both the process and the outcome. The arts therefore permeate everything we do; the use of visual literacy and digital media has further developed our provision. 
The school has established really positive links with artists and organisations including Puppet Maker, Puppeteer and film maker, Marcus Clarke.

Galley Hill Primary
Marcus Clarke, from Hands Up Puppets, spent two weeks at our school working with every single child from Nursery to Year 6. He carried out Puppet Making and Puppeteering Workshops with each of our classes.
The children (and staff!) loved hearing about Marcus'
career including working with Jim Henson, made the most extraordinary sock
puppets and improved their Speaking and Listening through working
collaboratively to create films using the puppets they had created. The children were motivated and excited to use the cameras that Marcus had set up around the room and enjoyed seeing themselves on the attached monitors that
certainly helped them to evaluate and improve their performance. The resources that Marcus provided for the children to assemble their puppets from ensured that each puppet was imaginative, unique and completed to a high quality. The excitement of the puppet workshops created a real buzz throughout the entire
school community and everybody was talking about what a fantastic experience it
was for the children. Thank you Marcus!
EMILY BIRCH, Galley Hill Primary and Nursery, Hemel Hempstead, Herts.

Bishopshalt School

Thank you for your support.  Your workshop proved to be a great success, students and teachers really enjoyed the simple but effective puppet making.  Thank you for constructing a session to fit in with our timetable, it was perfect for what we wanted, thank you.
CLARE HARVELL, Bishopshalt School
Royal Lane, Uxbridge
St Christopher CE Primary School, Oxford.
Cameras, screens, puppets, sixty very excited six year olds; a recipe for disaster you might think but what an amazing day.
It is rare that someone can talk to the children for 45 minutes without them becoming restless; they were riveted!
It was lovely to see all the different types of puppet and watch them being controlled by an experienced puppeteer. I loved the way that whenever Marcus was talking, so was his hand!
Learning how to manipulate the puppets was really interesting and many of the children were fascinated by how the various puppets worked.
The groups really enjoyed the opportunity to rehearse their ideas and see themselves on screen. Some of them just wanted to spend the whole day in front of the camera!
Thank you so much for a marvellous experience and I hope we can repeat it next year.
Mrs F Clayton

Bablake School, Coventry
'We were really impressed by the workshops that Marcus delivered at our school. Marcus is full of enthusiasm for his craft and was able to inspire the children to produce some amazing sock puppets. As well as the making activity, the children were also treated to some tricks of the trade and as a result, were able to make their puppets come to life.
A truly memorable day!'
Tracy Horton