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Sock Puppet Making and Puppeteering Workshops for Schools.
Available UK wide. We come to you.

Simple Sock Puppet Making School Workshop with Puppeteering Filming available. Assembled using Socks, Card. Double Sided Tape. Scissors and Hot Glue Guns. Lots of Pom Poms, Buttons, Craft Foam, Wool, Feathers, Hair Accessories, Packing Foam, Faux Fur and more. All supplied inclusively.
Make a Unicorn Puppet

Click the picture below to see the 'how to make' a video.
                                                        Puppet to MakeClown Puppet to MakeDog Puppet to MakeDragon Puppet to MakeRugglebug

Short Video of a recent Puppet Making Workshop
Green Man Festival 2019 Drop In Puppet Workshops
All Workshops are delivered by Puppeteer and Puppet Maker, Marcus Clarke FRSA ASET CTLLS. DBS Registered. Visit Puppet Making or Puppeteering for more.
Over 200 Workshops have been delivered so far to a variety of age ranges including KS2/3/4 FE HE and Adults.

School Puppetry Workshops

1/ Sock and other Puppet Making.
2/ Sock and other Puppet Puppeteering.
3/ Puppeteering using our many pre-made Puppets.
4/ Combination of the above with or without video recording/playback.
5/ Bespoke Workshop according to your requirements.

Pirate Sock
                                                  PuppetUp to 60 students per Workshop. Available in different time lengths and complexity for varied ages and ability and in any combination of Puppet Making and Puppeteering.

Sock Puppet