Sock Puppet Making Workshops to Book in School


Sock Puppet Making Workshop Resources below

You can book Marcus to come to your School and hold and resource totally your Sock Puppet Making Workshop with options to combine it with Storytelling, Puppeteering for Television or Puppetising Art Workshops along with Assembly talks and other demonstrations.
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Making the eyeballs with elastic attachment.
Either out of Polystyrene Craft Balls or Ping Pong Balls?

Making the eyes out of Polystyrene Craft Balls.
What you need.
Special Poly Glue or Hotglue for Polystyrene Balls.
Sharpe felt tip and Toy Eyes.
Bradawl, Gimblet or similar.
Cocktail Sticks or Plastic DIY Tubing per Puppet. 2x 40mm Poly Craft Balls.  2x Toy Eyes or Black Sharpe,Paint. Black Elastic.

Making the Ping Pong Ball eyes out of Ping Pong Balls
What you need.
Tools. Hot Glue Gun. UHU Glue or similar. Mini Drill and conical grinding Tool. Sharpe felt tip. Bradawl or similar.
Materials per Puppet. 2x Ping Pong Balls. Paper. 2x Toy Eyes or similar.  Baby Elastic 200mm.

1/ Cut out a circle in a piece of paper so that the ping pong ball can just sit in it at its widest. Fold the paper in half. Unfold it and mark the two creases on the circumference of the hole.

5/ String the two Balls together with Baby Elastic.

9/ Hold them together untill the Hot Glue Sets.
2/ This gives you the diameter. Line it up so that the ping pong Ball seam runs along the holes circumference. Make the two oposing diameter marks on the ping pong ball seam. Do this with two ping pong balls.
6/ Tie the elastic ends together leaving a bit of slack between it an the Balls as per the picture.
10/ Chose a bottom and along the seam, dent the Ping Pong Balls gently with your thumb.

3/  I use a Bradawl to make small holes where the diameter marks are on the seam of the balls.
7/ Pop some Hot Glue or UHU on the knott and pop it inside one of the Balls.
Make a Glue Gun Cross in the dent.

4/ Use the conical grinding Tool on a mini drill to widen both the wholes to about 6mm.
Bring two of the Ping Pong Balls Holes together, linig up the seams.
Hot Glue Gun them together.
Sit the Balls down and mark the eyeballs with a felt tip.
Pen or Paint on eyeballs or Glue in some Craft Toy eyes as I have done below.
13/ Brawdell the eye holes and grind them out as before

14/ Glue Gun in some Toy Eyes.

15/ The Eyeballs sit on top of your hand just in front of your knuckles.
The Sock Puppet itself
Using child sock sizes, 9 -12 for a Small size hand, 12.5 - 3.5  for Medium size hand, 4 - 6.5 for a Large size hand.
What else you will need.
Tools. Hot Glue Gun. UHU Glue or similar. Sharpe felt tip. Bradawl or similar. Gaffa Tape.
Materials. 1x Sock. Cardboard. Gaffa Tape. 2x Pom Poms.

1/Pattern for mouth inner.
Cut out of Cardboard Box Card.

4/ Lay a piece of Gaffa over and cut around shape leaving 5mm hang over then gently fold Gaffa around.

7/ Hot Glue Large Bobble or Pop Pom to large end and Small Bobble to Small end.

2/ Lay flat leaving
a 10 mm Gap

5/ Put strips of Gaffa around Cardboard edges.

8/ Put Cardboard inner inside Sock.

3/ Lay a piece of Gaffa Tape underneath with the sticky facing up. Cut arround.
6/ Hot Glue Large Bobble or Pop Pom to large end and Small Bobble to Small end.

9/ Put Cardboard inner inside Sock.
Add eyeballs
Then add Fur, Teeth and more to personalise your Puppets Design. As I did left. contact
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