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The Softies Pre School Children's Television Series

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Made for Channel Five UK Terrestrial Television
The Softies 80 x 5 minutes Pre-School TV
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For Series 2 the Softie Garden was further enhanced and another discovery area was added behind the Potting Shed, The Crawley Wall woooh!
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The Softies Television Series was created by Helena Smee of Hands up Puppets who also wrote some of the scripts.
The Softies is Co-Produced by CTVC - Hillside and Hands up Puppets for Five Television. 80 x 5min. Pre-school Television Series.
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The Puppets were designed and built by us
Hands up Puppets.

Helena Smee, Marcus Clarke and Katherine Smee Puppeteered, Comfy, Cosy and Cuddle. Their voices where then dubbed by three wonderful child Actors.
Thus giving the puppet characters their distinctive childlike voices
Hard Hats On!


Lets all go
up the garden
path to the
Potting Shed

Three little Softies explore the big, hard world.

The Softies are friendly little creatures that live at the bottom of a magical garden. Their world is a soft one, where everything and everyone is soft

squeezable, squashable and strokable

But three little Softie friends, Comfy, Cosy and Cuddle, are particularly curious about the big, hard world and are unable to resist venturing out to investigate it.

They mostly want to touch, they just can't help themselves!

The Softies always remember to put on their 'hard hats' in case they bump into anything not soft then they toddle up the garden path.

At the end of the path is the Potting Shed, a garden shed stuffed full of surprising, intriguing and colourful objects.

The Potting Shed provides a safe place to explore the wider world.

Every day, the Softies find something different sitting inside that fascinates them
A plastic boat, a bowl of fruit, a real rabbit.

They explore and play and soon discover that not everything from the big, hard world is as hard or as scary as they thought it would be.

The Softie Characters;

Comfy, Cosy and Cuddle are Puppets created by us and as with all Hands up Puppets they are very light and performable, we are also puppeteers so this is a priority for us. The Puppets also needed to handle objects so we arrived at a simple round full figure Puppet design with both live and rodded hands.
The Rods and sleeves are internal to keep the soft outward appearance.

Softie Setting;

The Studio Set was raised and very Puppet-Friendly. Designed to look fantastical like an oversized soft garden. ( Set Designer-Ash Wilkinson )
It's a magical place with big bendy grass, large wobbly flowers, squashy blackberry pillows and snugly leaf duvets. Everything in the Softies world is soft.

Potting Shed;

Anything and everything from the big, wide world can appear in the Potting Shed. Many various windchimes and suncatchers dangle from the roof and around the window.
Every day, something new appears on the little workbench for the Softies to discover. Examples ; A sand box and shells, a shopping basket, snails, a toy car, boots and shoes, flowers, a rabbit, percussion instruments, a bowl of fruit, balloons and streamers, dressing up clothes, a plastic boat, sandwiches, a train set, fluffy chicks, armbands, a bowl of fish. The Softies use all their senses to explore the things they find. They inspect them closely, touch and feel them, listen to the sounds they make, smell them and sometimes bite and taste them. Then they play with them.

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There are also wonderful Songs to sing along with.

Hands up Puppets would like to thank Five TV for giving us the opportunity to realise this wonderful Series as well as CTVC and the rest of the Softie production team and crew for making the whole Softie experience such a very happy one! crew photo

Bottoms up!
Photographer Stephen F. Morley copyright Five TV