marcus clarke teaching art Marcus Clarke-Smee (Marcus Clarke FRSA).
Slightly unconventional Teaching CV.

I am based in my hometown of Nottingham.
mbl 07909 824630
DBS (CRB) Update service ID C4842091999
GCSE O Level in English, Economics, History, Art. 
GCSE A Level in Art and a real passion for History, Art and Drama.
IFL now SET, Society for Education and Training. Member No AJ004486
Art and Design, Fashion, Textiles, Media Studies and Performing Arts Teacher.

Above right Marcus in his Puppetised Clothing. Black and White still from Thames TV's Hotdog 1987 the first TV Show Marcus devised, designed and made the Puppets for and performed the lead character. Hotdog and Puppet Ogri who featued on Ireland's National Postage Stamp was co-designed and made by Marcus with his partner as Hands Up Puppets.

Currently CTLLS qualified from the University of Warwick.
Equivelent to CET L4  (Certificate in Education and Learning) working to QTLS.
Level and credit weighting: FHEQ Level 4 36 credits
Course Content:
Planning and preparing teaching and learning. Supporting the skills of learners. Effective teaching strategies.
Initial assessment. Managing an inclusive learning environment. Assessment, evaluation and reflective thinking.
Encouraging equality and diversity.
Summative assignments:
Assignment Title Result, Professional Development Pass, Record of Teaching Pass, Observing another Teacher Pass, Assessment Pass, Equality and Diversity Pass
Teaching Practice
30 Hours teaching practice Pass
3 Observations of teaching practice Pass

Marcus is an Arts Award Adviser.
Currently enjoying working as a Creative Practitioner delivering creative workshops in Schools Nationwide and Marcus is preparinga new Arts Exhibition Project to Tour 2017.

Background and experience.
Since 1984 I have worked in Children's Television supplying Puppetry Services.

For 30 years I been a Professional Performer, Equity and Screen Actors Guild member working on the West End Stage, in Feature Films and in over 70 TV Series as a Puppeteer including in Hollywood again this year, 2016, for CBC and Amazon Studio's Bookaboo Kids TV Series. I've been BAFTA nominated myself and involved in many BAFTA and other Award Winning Kids TV Programmes.

For 30 years I have been a Professional Craft and Puppet Maker, creating over 70 Puppets for Television as well as Sets, Costumes and Props with Hands Up Puppets.

For over 10 years I have been a Professional Short Film Maker and Digital Media Creator, making websites and Apps. Filmaking includes a Puppetry for the Screen Masterclass which I made for BAFTA. I was a Juror on the 2015 International Academy of Web Television Awards.

For over 10 years I have been a Creative Practitioner, Teacher and Lecturer. KS2 to HE.

For over 6 Years I have been a Professional Exhibiting Fine Artist and Fashion Designer and had four Arts Council England supported projects.

Recently I have been holding Puppetry Arts related Creative Workshops in Schools. Sock Puppet Making and Puppeteering along with some new Arts Workshops.
These include Puppetised Buildings of 2014 and Heraldic DogCoats derived from my 2015 Art Exhibition held at the Floor 1 Gallery, Nottingham Central Library, Feb 2015.
Below are images from my latest Creative Arts Workshops called The Treasure of the Seaside, Treasure of Trees and The Treasured Christmas which are photographic image altering workshops that utilise Jewellery, Gemstones, Puppet Making Materials and found objects like Seashells and acorns. All three are derived from my latest Arts Council Funded Art Exhibition Project for 2017 called RSM Sheringham.

Also this year I again performed Bookaboo in CiTV/Amazon and CBC's multi award winning Kids TV Series Bookaboo.
The newest presently airing Series of 20 programmes 2016 features Star Guests Michael Sheen among others. BAFTA still from 2011's winning Series.

My Education. Early Career, Training and Teaching Information.
1972 to 1974 West Bridgford Comprehensive School. Day release for two years to West Bridgford College of FE to Study Electrical Engineering. Attained equivalent of early stages of ONC Electrical Engineering.

1974 1978 Nottingham Playhouse and Nottingham Theatre Royal Stage Electrician and Follow Spot Operator.

1977 3yr Graphic and Fashion Design Vocational course at West Nottinghamshire College, then Mansfield College of Art.
I completed the first year only, (pull of the Theatre,) gaining these qualifications.
GCSE O Level in English, Economics, History, Art.  GCSE A Level in Art.

1978 to 1979 Theatre Grand Theatre Wolverhampton Deputy Chief Electrician                     

1980 to 1982 Fort Regent Theatre and Entertainment Complex Jersey CI.
Deputy Chief Theatre and Concert Stage Technician.

West End Theatre Stage Management Career
1982 to 1983 Song and Dance the Musical Palace Theatre Shaftsbury Avenue London W1 Technical assistant stage manager with special responsibility for Computer controlled projected scenery. Programmer and operator.

1983 Marilyn The Musical at the Royal Adelphi Theatre the Strand London W1 Technical Assistant Stage Manager with special responsibility for Computer controlled projected scenery. Computer programmer and operator.

1983 to 1985 Little Shop of Horrors the Musical Comedy Theatre London W1
Technical assistant Stage Manager with special responsibility for the Puppet Plant Audrey 2.

1985 Little Shop of Horrors the Musical Comedy Theatre London W1 Understudy and Puppeteer of Audrey 2.

Film and TV. Training and Teaching
1983 Dreamchild Feature Film Elstree Studios Production Runner with special responsibility for Jim Hensons� Puppets.

1985 to 1986 Little Shop of Horrors Feature Film Pinewood Studios
Principal Puppeteer.

1986 to 1988 Private regular tuition in Puppetry, character creation and performance from Puppeteer, TV and Film Producer and Director, Brian Henson.
Parliament Hill, Hampstead London.

1987 Successfully auditioned for and Completed Jim Hensons Puppeteering for Television Workshop. Downshire Hill Hampstead London.

1987 to 1988 Puppeteer to Jim Henson Productions
The Storyteller
The Monster Maker
EFL (English as a Foreign Language became the Hoobs)

1988 Cat and Dog Kids TV Series. Anne Wood�s RagDoll Productions and Citv. Puppeteer.

1988 Hotdog Kids TV Series for Citv Thames TV Devised Series, designed and made Puppets and was Puppeteer to Hotdog himself.

1988 Who Framed Roger Rabbit Puppeteer and Object Manipulator.

1989 to Present Day. Founded Hands Up Puppets with Helena Smee relocated to Nottingham. Created, made and performed, over sixty Puppets for Television. Devised many TV Series and credited and un-credited Scriptwriter for many of them also.
This work continues today. Please see separate CV.

Puppetry Teaching and Supply Teaching CV

Several of the UK's Leading TV Puppeteers including sisters Helena and Kath Smee have been trained by Marcus Clarke. Others have had an early start and leg up.

1995 Eo Telefis Spiddal, Galway, Eire Devised and ran a training course to teach Gaelic Speakers to Puppeteer and Produce their own Award winning Gaelic Children's Puppet TV Series.

1997 Medialab Paris, Rue de la President Kennedy,Paris.
I was Trained in Clovis 2 Real Time Performance animation system.

1997 to 1998 Medialab Studio LA Burbank, California USA Auditioned and trained twenty performers to Operate and Perform Clovis digital real time performance animation system and to then mentored students to perform it in Fox Studio Pilot TV Series. Venus on the Hardrive.

1998 Sony Digital Imaging Tokyo Japan Trained Traditional Kabuki Performers to Operate and Perform Clovis digital real time performance animation system.

2008 Dec Middlesex University Scriptwriting for Kids TV Lunchtime Lecture.
2009 Jan-March Clayfields House Puppeteering Course. Taught young people to Puppeteer and Film Making Skills and then made an award winning film with them.
2009 Feb Loughborough University Combined 1 day TV Puppetry Lecture and TV Puppeteering Workshop for Adults.
2009 March Bath TV Puppetry Combined 1 day TV Puppetry Lecture and TV Puppeteering Workshop for Adults.
2009 March University of Derby. Combined 1 day TV Puppetry Lecture and TV Puppeteering Workshop.
2009 July Buxton Puppet Festival TV Puppetry Lecture
2009 Nov Bredon Hill Middle School A Design Technology Day. Taught 160 year 6 students to make a TV Puppet Shark.
2009 Nov All Saints Church Stockton on Tees. 1 day TV Puppeteering Workshop.
2010 Jan-May Murray Park Secondary School Derby. Creative Partnerships Project. Taught yrs 7,8,9 to make Puppets and Puppeteer them for the Screen. Each Student making a Short Puppet Performance based Film. Also Mask Making and Object manipulation to Yr9 with again each student making a short Film.
2010 Feb-April Maplewell Hall School Leicestershire Creative Partnerships Project. Taught yrs 9 to make Puppets and Puppeteer them for the Screen. Each Student making a Short Puppet Performance based Film.
2010 30th July Buxton Puppet Festival, University of Derby Dome Buxton. Taught adults to make Puppets and to Puppeteer them for the Screen. Making a short Film.
2010 Nov Loughborough University Combined TV Puppeteering Workshop for Adults. (Undergraduates)
2011 Warwick Prep School. Puppetry for the Screen. Sock Puppet making and Puppeteering Workshop.
2011 Montgomeryshire Youth Theatre
2012 Guernsey College of FE. 1 Weeks Teaching on the BTEC Performing Arts Course.
2012 Skegby Girl Guides
2012 Farlow CofE Primary
2012 St. Pauls and St. Mary's CofE Primary, Prescot, Liverpool.
2012 Grt. Milton Primary, Oxford.
2013 Time and Tide Museum Gt. Yarmouth.
2012/13 Maplewell Hall Special School Leicestershire, GCSE Drama.
2012/13 Murray Park Secondary Derby, GCSE Drama.
2013/2014 St Christopher's CE Primary School, Oxford.
2013/2014 Haydn Primary Nottingham
2013 Held Drama Workshops and playing the Gardener in Shakespeare's Richard II for REEP's Shore to Shore, Entertaining Morocco Arts Festival.
2014 Teaching Puppetry and performing Shakespeare at the University of Marrakech.
I performed in live Street Theatre parts of The Tempest and Midsummer Nights Dream. Richard II and Othello with some professional Shakespearean Actors at the same Moroccan Arts Festival, Shore to Shore, for an interfaith Charity I work with REEP.
2014 Forest Park Primary, Catford, London SE1
2014 Bishopshalt School, Hillingdon. Arts College specialising in Music and the Performing Arts.
2014 Galley Hill Primary, Herts. All classes and all years made and performed Sock Puppets.
2014 27th Cavendish Scouts, Nottingham.
2014 Bablake School Coventry. Sock Puppetry.
2014 Puppetry for the Screen Masterclass talk at the Derby Film Festival, The Quad, prior to them showing the Feature Film, Little Shop of Horrors, in which I was a Principal Puppeteer. I previously performed the puppet plant Audrey II in the original West End Stage version of this Musical.
2014 Haydn Primary. Nottm.
2014 St. Christophers Primary Oxford.
2015 Hollygirt School Nottingham.
2015 Nottingham Free School.
2015 Ashley C of E Primary School, Surrey.
2015 Lowe's Wong Infant and Primary, Nottinghamshire.
2015 Elkesley Primary and Nursery, Nottinghamshire.
2015 27th Cavendish Scouts, Heraldry Art Workshop, Nottingham.
2015 The Beckett School, Sec. Nottingham
2015 Christ the King, Sec. Nottingham
2015 Whitegate Primary, Nottm.
2015 Elkesley Primary Notts.
2015 Toothill Secondary, Notts.
2015 Beeston Fields Primary
2016 King Edward Primary School Nottinghamshire
2016 The Priory School Herts SEN KS3/4
2017 Priory School Hitchin
2017 Emanuel School Clapham
2017 Haydn Primary
2017 St.Georges Primary Gt.Yarmouth
2017 Edward Worlledge Primary Gt.Yarmouth

So what can Marcus teach?
Drama and Performing Arts are specialties.
Art and Art and Design.
Arts and Crafts.
Media Studies.
Puppet Making and Puppeteering.

Stage Craft and Stage Electrics, having been a West End Theatre Stage Manager (4 Musicals over 4 years) and Deputy Chief Electrician. (2 Venues 3 years)

Media Studies and Film Making having worked on 4 major Feature Films and 4 others and having Produced and Directed Short Films including Clayfields House and Puppetry Masterclass.
Software familiarity includes.
Sound Studio
iBook Author

Scriptwriting for Children.
Having written numerous scripts (including The Softies) and been BAFTA nominated for his script editing work for Disney.

TV Series devising.
Having devised/co-devised numerous TV Series and successfully pitching 7 into Production. Marcus is a BBC registered supplier.

Contemporary Arts.
Marcus is also an accomplished Contemporary Artist who has founded an Arts movement PuppetTVGraffiti and regularly exhibits. 
He has had one of his designs put on a National Postage Stamp.

Workshop Leader.
Marcus has held many design workshops emanating from his arts projects including Fab Foam Masks and Puppets that he designed and created.

Marcus designed made and exhibited these Men's Jackets. He also studied Fashion at West Notts College.

Performing Arts.
Marcus is an accomplished Performer as a Puppeteer, Voice Actor, Actor and Real Time animator. He's a passion for Shakespeare and Poetry too.

Marcus understands all of the principles of animation having studied Disney's 'The illusion of Life' and has used several software packages to create animations including for TV.
He is keen to learn more.

Additional information.
My Spotlight Performance
My online Performance CV
About my Partnership work with Hands Up Puppets is here
My Educational Services online page is here

Professional Memberships
Fellow of the Royal Society of Artists, Member of BAFTA, Screen Actors Guild, Writers Guild of Great Britain, British Equity Unima, PUK, I am a Family man. Married  with two young Boys who keep me very active.

Marcus is on the Board of Funny Wonders Inc who co organise the Buxton Puppet Festival.