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Childrens_animation_scriptwriterHands Up Puppets is a Puppet Service provider Partnership Company set up by Marcus Clarke and Helena Smee in 1989. Its original purpose was to, "Create Puppet characters for television". Both Partners are Professional Puppet Makers and Puppeteers and both the Title Characters in two different BAFTA nominated or BAFTA winning Kids TV Series.
Milkshake Monkey and Bookaboo.
Helena Smee Children's Scriptwriter

Helena and Marcus taught themselves to make Puppets. Their Puppets are distinctive, unique in construction and of extremely high quality and they provide a variety of production support including maintenance and puppeteer co-ordination. Kids TV Production or other Media, get in touch and lets see how we can help you.

Left: We as HUP created the Puppets for RTE Junior. One, Ogri, featured on Ireland's National Postage stamp. Right: Puppets we created for, A House Just like Yours.
Since 1989 Hands Up Puppets have designed and made over seventy Puppet characters for Television and Marcus and Helena have worked on over seventy Children's TV Series as Puppeteers. As well as on many Feature Films and Commercials. This work continues today but as the role of a children's TV service provider has changed with fragmentation both have used the opportunity to develop their other skills, creative outlets and careers.

Helena is now also a very successful scriptwriter for both Puppet and Animated Pre-School Kids TV Series. Hence she has two CV/Resume's.  (Click Helena's pictures above left for them).
Over the past 6 years Helena has written over 700 minutes of original British children's television animation.

Marcus is an Exhibiting Visual Artist
who since 2010 has developed Puppetry into his Contemporary Visual Arts Practice. See PuppetTVGraffiti Marcus has had several ACE Funded Solo Art Exhibitions, Homeless in the Puppetised City (upper right) 2014. The DogHorse Coat 2015 and RSM Sheringham which opened in Sheringham's MO 2017 and toured various other Galleries. The culmination of these art projects is that he has emerge as a distinctive British Artist with a unique Arts Practice.

Marcus is also an Educational Service Provider, developing and delivering a wide range of Puppetry Arts and Fine Arts Creative Workshops to Schools.
Pictured right is his Short Film, 'Puppetry for the Screen Masterclass which he made for the Kids BAFTA website.
He recently gained a Teaching qualification from Warwick University CTLLS/CET L4 from Warwick Uni and is DBS and ASET registered as well as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Artists.
Information on his Educational Services can be found at TES and on our Educational pages.
Information on all of his work can be found via the links on his CV webpage. Click his picture top right.
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Right: Action Annie Superhero - Original Animation created by Helena Smee

Theatre Royal Notttingham

A Puppetry for the Screen Masterclass
Film made by us for BAFTA

1989 logo
In Production.
Hands Up Puppets have designed, built and performed puppets in a variety of television genres and production styles and with varied budgets.
We pride ourselves in our versatility, innovation and problem solving abilities. 
Pre-school, Educational, Children's, Adult Comedy, Teen and Family.
We have Puppeteered Live and Recorded, scripted and improvised, on Location and in the Studio.
Performed Puppets whilst canoeing, abseiling, hanging out of helicopters and in Live Stand Up Comedy Shows.
We always push the creative and quality envelope.

Puppetry Credits
Combined Puppet Making and Puppeteering

Television credits include:
These TV Series contain a total of 60 puppets, all designed and made by us as Hands Up Puppets.

  • Milkshake Monkey 2014/15/16 Channel 5. Various formats.
  • Milky and Shake in the new 'Milkshake Show.' Channel 5 2011. 
  • Milkshake Monkey 2009 Channel 5
  • The Christmas Milkshake Show Series 2. Channel 5 BAFTA nominated 2009
  • The Milkshake Show five tv BAFTA nominated 2008 Five TV
  • Tickle Patch and Friends 10 Series for Channel 5. 2001 to 2008
  • Sandy and Mr. Flapper 2007 Channel 5
  • A Milkshake Summer Five TV BAFTA nominated 2006 Five TV The Production Team
  • Ant and Dec's Saturday Night  Takeaway Granada/ITV
  • Christmas Milkshake five Series 1
  • "A House that's just like yours" five 
  • "The Softies" five TV
  • "Smarteenies" BBC CBeebies
  • "The little green planet show" 3 series BBC CBBC Children's
  • "Hotdog"  &  "Treasure Box" - 5 series made by Thames for ITV
  • "Tricky Business" - 2 series for BBC
  • "Top Banana" - Clear Idea Production for TVAM
  • "Dappledown Farm" - Clear Idea Production for TVAM
  • "Ike and Webber" - TCC The Childrens Channel Interstitions
  • The Children's Channel All on-air continuity from 1993 - 1995.
  • Ratkan Zoo The Children's Channel
  • Ratkan on the Road The Children's Channel
  • It's Droibee Time The Children's Channel
  • 'WoW'- Media Merchants Production for ITV
  • "Havakazoo 2 " - Meridian Production for Channel 5.
  • New 'Dappledown Farm' - Meridian Production for Channel 5.
  • Dotty and Buzz
  • Royal Television Society Award Nominee. Prospect Pictures for Channel 4 Schools.
  • 'Bite Size' - Disney Channel.
  • Tickle, Patch & friends   Ten Series for five tv

Television Puppeteering only credits include:
  • Bookaboo USA and Specials Amazon Studio's, Happy Films/Sinking Ship/CBC 2016
  • Bookaboo 4 Happy Films/Sinking Ship/CBC 2015/2016
  • Bookaboo at TIFF 2015
  • Hacker Time CBBC 2014/15
  • Bookaboo Series 3 Citv/Happy Films 2013 Marcus Clarke is Bookaboo's Puppeteer.
  • Marcus is the Puppetry Consultant and Puppeteer to 'Ways of Talking' 2011 BAFTA Nominated, Primary Learning category:  Gamelab (London Metropolitan University) for BBC Learning.
  • Bookaboo Series 2 Citv/Happy Films 2010 Marcus Clarke is Bookaboo's Puppeteer.
  • Bookaboo Citv/Happy Films 2009 Marcus Clarke is Bookaboo's Puppeteer. BAFTA, Broadcast 2009 and Prix Jeunesse 2010 Award Winner.
  • PJ's Storytime 6 x 5 min programmes, Disney Playhouse, Puppeteer to puppet character PJ Mole BAFTA nominee Marcus Clarke 2004
  • PJ's Bedtime   20 x 60 min programmes, Disney Playhouse, Puppeteer to puppet character PJ Mole
  • Playbox - Ragdoll Production for ITV.
  • "The Great Bong" - UA & HTV. Production for Channel 4.
  • "The Slow Norris" Series 1 & 2 - HTV. production for ITV.
  • Big Bag Series 1 & 2 - YTV & The Childrens Television Workshop for ITV.

Film puppeteering credits include:
Solo: A Star Wars Story Lucas Film
Commercials Puppeteering only credits include:
  • Talk back Radio,
  • Applejack Scrumpy,
  • Quorn,
  • Revels.
  • Beagle Insurance     Blink Productions
  • Hyundai Viral Factory
Puppet Making only credits.
  • RTE Junior

CGI Real Time Performance Animation.

Marcus and Helena have also been involved in the fast developing field of Real Time Performance Animation. They have worked as Performance Animators for Medialab Paris, Medialab Los Angeles, Twentieth Century Fox T.V. U.S.A. and the American Channel N.B.C. And for Nihon Itec, NHK and Sony in Tokyo, Japan for TV Series, FILM and also Live Events. MORE

Puppet Theatre Consultancy
Hands Up Puppets were engaged by the Lego Company as consultants and designers for the first ever Puppet Show at their U.K. theme park - Legoland Windsor

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