This is Ike & Webber
TCC's two on air interstition puppet characters who were created by Hands Up Puppets. I performed, puppeteered and voiced, Ike with the spiky hair.

There where lots of programme formats for them but Ike & Webber where always on location and set in the real world.
They interacted well with real people in real places and talked about and did real things.
They where filmed in cars, canoes and helicopters.

On boats, roundabouts and rollercoasters.
They got Tattoo's and their ears pierced at pop festivals.
They danced on dancefloors in dancehalls, ballrooms and nightclubs too.
They absailed down cliffs and then caught the bus home.
They talked about Romans, rockets, diamonds, dolphins and the Internet.
The European City guides where hard work but made for exceptional children's television.
Amazingly these where even cheaper to film than the ones we did in the UK.

Lots of Clips and Showreels on the Showreels Page here

Here's some pic's from the UK City guides