TV Puppet Making and Puppeteering Workshops
for Schools, Colleges and H.E.
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Puppet Makers for Television for over 25 years.
Based in the City of Nottingham since 1989.
Due to high demand we are currently only making Puppets for TV Productions that we have a Puppeteering commitment to.

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Commission, design, build, deliver.

Since 1985 we have made over seventy Puppets for UK Television.
Many of these Puppets we have also Puppeteered or have been assistants to the Puppeteers cast to perform them. While this work continues today our other work and commitments often means that we do not have the 4 weeks required available to make just one.

Costs. Our bespoke
Puppets start at £3,500 GBP

Above Right. Helena with Milkshake Monkey.
Below Centre, The Workshop 2013. Right, Marcus's Puppetry Masterclass for BAFTA 2012.

Marcus in the Puppet Making
              Workshop 2013

Ogie on Hubblepuppet on stampOur Puppets are extremely characterful, light and Puppeteer friendly. They are fabricated by hand in minimalist fashion out of the highest quality fake fur, fabrics, fleeces and foams. Other Puppet bits like eyes, noses and teeth are always sculpted, coloured and cast by us and we make our own animatronics too. We regard ourselves as among the best Puppet Makers in the World. We think of  our Puppets as works of Art and of ourselves as Artists. When we accept commissions we invest a great deal of ourselves in our works and expect a great deal of input and creative freedom. The Clients that commission us expect this.
Knowing it achieves the highest quality result.

Puppet Making Credits

NBC/Universal Various
Homeless in the Puppetised City Art Exhibition. Little Stinkweed. 2014 Nottingham
The Den. Hubble Strand. 2012-2014 RTE Various
The Den. Hubble Strand. 2011 RTE´ Credit Designed and Built Puppet Bo' and others.
The Den. Hubble Strand. 2010 RTE´ Credit Designed and Built Puppet O´gri
The Milkshake Show 2009 Channel 5 Credit Designed and Built Puppet Cat Milky and Puppy Dog Shake.
Milkshake Monkey 2009 Channel 5 Credit Designed and Built Puppet Monkey
The Puppet Maker 2008 Edinburgh Fringe. Credit Designed and made Puppet Green Cat, Cheesey, Green alien and Gargoyle.
Sandy and Mr. Flapper 2007 Channel 5 Credit  Designed and Built Puppet Meerkat Sandy and Puppet Penguin Mr.Flapper.
Tickle Patch and Friends 10 Series for Channel 5. 2001 to 2008. Credit  Designed and Built the two Puppet Guinea Pigs. Tickle and Patch Puppets.
Ant and Dec's Saturday Night  Takeaway Granada/ITV Credit Designed and Built Ventriloquist style Puppets of Pesenters Ant and Dec.
A House that's just like yours.  2005 Channel 5. Credit Designed and Built Puppets. Purr the Cat, Bark the Dog, Dustry Mouse, Smudge Mouse, Spider.
The Softies.  Channel five TV. Credit Designed and Built Puppets. Comfy, Cosy and Cuddle.
The little green planet show. 3 series BBC CBBC Children's Credit Designed and Built Puppets four Puppet Aliens including Calysto and Ganamede.
Hotdog  and  Treasure Box 5 Kids tv series made by Thames for ITV. Credit Designed and Built Puppets. Hotdog the Dog, Mrs. Dog, Swot Dog.
Tricky Business - 2 series for BBC Credit Designed and Built Puppet Crabtree Rabbit.
Top Banana - Clear Idea Production for TVAM Credit Designed and Built Puppets. Hilda the Hydra. Hilda 1. Hilda 2 and Hilda 3. Chuck the Chimp. Chilly the Chump.
Dappledown Farm - Clear Idea Production for TVAM Credit Designed and Built Puppets. Dapple the Horse, Mabel the Cow, Stubble Mouse, Straw Mouse, Columbus the Cockeral. Harry the Heron, Colin the Coot, Lucky Ducky, Fiona the Frog and Millie the Moorehen.
Ike and Webber - TCC The Childrens Channel Interstitions Credit Designed and Built Puppets.  Teenager style Human Puppets Ike and Webber.
The Children's Channel All on-air continuity from 1993 - 1995. Credit Designed and Built Puppets. Veed and Void the Androids. Hopper the Penguin. Captain Ghurkin. Velda EC Receptionist.
It's Droibee Time The Children's Channel. Credit Designed and Built Puppets. Dreeb and Droib the Baby Puppet Androids.
WoW - Media Merchants Production for ITV. Credit Built Puppet. Sid the Fly
Havakazoo 2 and 3 - Meridian Production for Channel 5. Credit Designed and Built Puppets. Watchdog the Puppet Dog and Tic and Tock the Puppet Fleas.
Dotty and Buzz Prospect Pictures for Channel 4 Schools. Credit Designed and Built Puppets. Dotty and Buzz.
Hullabaloo Floella Benjamin Productions. Puppet Boy and Girl.
Noels House Party. BBC Puppet Anneka Rice.
Bite Size - Disney Channel. Puppet Credit Made and Designed Mitzy.
Clayfields House Film. Credit Designed and Built Puppets. Filfy Rat, Furry Blue, Goldy and Brown. Puppet Bugs, Pink and Purple.
(72 Puppets)

General Puppet Making Information

Rights Assignment
We have previously designed and built Puppets to a brief and then assigned all of the rights.
Occasionally we have bought our own Puppet rights back from Broadcasters when they no longer need them.

Puppet Design
and Build.

Design has always been a vital part ot the Puppet Making process. Sometimes this is done with Drawings and other times by using simple visual reference during the Puppet build process.
Over time the later has become our preferred method.
Drawn designs see here
  Animatronic design see here

Puppet Maintenance
and Puppeteering
We've often been on Set to maintain the Puppets. As Puppeteers or assistance.
Otherwise we supply full instructions, spares and a maintainance kit.
We have Puppets that have done over ten TV Series and still look like new with good upkeep.

a house

   kathy smee

elephant PuppetPaper Tiger
              Puppet Wolf

Foam and Flat Card style Puppets
Designed by us and made from
our own unique Patterns.

Puppet Rental See here